Mission Statement:  The purpose of this website is to make available information in the following categories:

    1.  Out-of-Print documents, of  historical interest, that are not available elsewhere

    2.  General-Purpose references that may be helpful in the examination of vintage equipment

Warning:  The information on this website comes from a time when safety concerns were minimal or did not exist.  Vacuum tube electronics use high voltages and currents that are dangerous, even potentially deadly.  The documents here are offered for historical or reference purposes.  If you choose to use this information to work on actual circuits you do so at your own risk.

Reference Material - 1930's

Reference Material - 1940's

Reference Material - 1950's

Reference Material - 1960's

Radio Schematics

Pre-World War II, Frequency Modulation (FM) Information

"Radio Broadcast" Magazine - May 1922 thru April 1930

Rider's "How It Works" 1937 - 1950

Radio Servicing & Modifications

RCA's "Radio Age" Magazine - 1942 thru 1957

Reproducted Items

Homebrew & Test Instruments

Selected Completed Projects

Upcoming Projects

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